Dance is the one language everyone understands.

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Salsa Caleña Classes | Pembroke Pines

Cali Salsa Miami has been teaching and competing both nationally and internationally since early 2010. Located in the Pembroke Pines, we offer a diverse range of classes from beginners to advanced dancers. Call us today for our class schedules.

Set your inner dancer free. 

Our Classes

Featuring expert dance instructors, Cali Salsa Miami offers a fun and friendly environment where beginners to advanced dancers can pick up new skills and explore their inner creativity.
Our classes include:
Salsa Caleña 
Hip Hop
Aero Rumba
We also offer classes for children aged 3 and up! Contact us for more information.

Let the rhythm take you over!

Salsa Calena Classes Pembroke Pines Hollywood Miami

Explore your inner creativity.

Competitive Dancing

Cali Salsa Miami offers competitive training for all ages and are committed to helping dancers reach their pinnacle of success.
Competitive dancing is much more than just trophies and flashy costumes. We believe that competition offers a concrete goal to strive for, as well as a team that will serve our dancers in the years to come. Many of our dancers also use competition as a  gateway to the professional dance world.

Over the years, our competitive dancers have earned themselves scholarships, vouchers and even agency representation.
Call us today to be part of an amazing tradition!

Practice like you’ve never won. Perform as though you’ve never lost!

Dance Classes Pembroke Pines Hollywood Miami

The Best Parts of Dancing with Us

Fun and Friendly

Spacious, pristine facilities for movement and creativity.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Learn to dance from the best.

Open to all

We welcome all dancers, no matter your age, fitness levels or previous dance experience.

Over ten years of experience

We’ve been around for over ten years and have seen so many students go on to achieve amazing things.

Are you ready to get your groove on?

Our studio welcomes people from all walks of life, children and adults alike. We believe that dance is the only language that everyone can understand and that inside each one of us lives a dancer, ready to shine. Contact us today to get our class schedules!

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7845 Pines Blvd

Pembroke Pines, FL 33024