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Bachata Classes in Pembroke Pines

Learn all about Bachata. Originating in the Dominican Republic, the sensual style   is now danced all over the world. Cali Salsa Miami offers classes to all levels of ability at our school in Pembroke Pines.

Bachata Classes

Based in Pembroke Pines, at Cali Salsa Miami, we offer our students the opportunity to discover Latin America’s most popular social dance forms. Our dance school is the perfect place for people of all walks of life to share their passion for dance with like-minded individuals. 

No Latin dance school would be complete without classes in the irresistibly compelling Bachata. If you’re looking for a sensual and dramatic type of dance, Bachata lessons are for you.

Our schedule of classes will be updated shortly. Please watch this space! 

Contact us today for group, couple or individual classes!

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Bachata Classes Pembroke Pines

Dancers communicate without words!


What is the difference between Bachata and Salsa?

While  Bachata and Salsa are both Latin dances, they differ significantly in tempo, technique and feel. In contrast to Salsa’s swiftness, Bachata’s drawn out movements leave room for seductive intimacy and emotion.

The quiet yet suspenseful Bachata revolves around hip and upper torso work, as opposed to salsa’s intricate lower body sequences. Though each dance is counted in 4/4 time, they require entirely distinctive approaches.

At Salsa Miami, we’re here to help you master both. Wherever your feet may lead you, we’ll see that you dance with grace, confidence and delight.  Call us today!

Bachata Classes Hollywood

Have you ever danced under the light of the moon?


To dance is everyone’s birthright.

Inside every person is a dancer trying to get out. Contact us today and we’ll give you the keys to set your inner dancer free!

To book your next lesson, call us at 786-291-3751

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Cali Salsa Miami

7845 Pines Blvd

Pembroke Pines, FL 33024